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                  Jiaxing Green Dragon Machinery Limited Liability Company ( Jiaxing Grain Machinery Factory ) is a specialized manufacturer formerly designated by the Commerce Ministry for specific-gravity stoner , primary filter screen , vibration screen , plane rotary screen . It is the national commercial system advanced unit and key backbone business in Zhejiang province .

                   This company developed the first specific-gravity stoner in China in the 1950s . Up to now it has over fifty years' developing and production experience . It is of the first-class production means and stable craft . It is a well-know domestic professional stoner manufacturer . It wins the title of the Provincial Level Superior Pruduct . It also produces a full set of the grain cleaning and rice-hulling equipments with complete specifications and remarkable quality . The goods are popular all over the country . They have also been exported to the overseas countries in large-batch .

                    Jiaxing is located in Hangzhou-Jiaxing Lake plains . It is adjacent to Shanghai in the east , close to Hangzhou Bay in the west , connected with Suzhou in the north with the convenient transport , advantageous geographical position , charming scenery and a great number of the places of interest . Sonth Lake in downtown Jiaxing is one of the Three Famous Lakes in Zhejiang . The other two are Hangzhou West Lake and Shaoxing East Lake . South Lake is world famous for its misty rain view , esp . for the Misty Rain Tower erected in the Mid Lake Island . In June , 1921 , the Chinese Communist Party was born in a gaily-painted pleasure-boat in South Lake .

                    This company secially sets up the large-size grain machinery shopping centre to sell various domesic famous , unique , excellent grain machinery and fittings . Welcome to purchase the goods . We will respectfully await your visit by our superior pruducts , enthusiastic and considerate service .

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